NS. Human Design  – Nadia Soso Analista de Diseño Humano y Guía Vivir tu Diseño

My story

I was born on September 22, 1974 in Rosario, Argentina. I grew up among three brothers, in a conventional family. I played sports, studied English, had many friends. It seemed like a perfect life, but I always had the sense that something was not fitting. I didn’t know what it was.

I went out to travel the world, I lived, studied and worked in several countries (United States, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Italy). During those years I lived many incredible experiences, I traveled many roads, but nothing really changed.

Being in Italy, there also came the moment when I got bored, so I grabbed my motorcycle (a Scarabeo 50) I loaded my two backpacks, put on my helmet and, pian pianino, I rode along the Mediterranean coast to get to Catalunya, where I live since 2003, where I met – in August 2011 – the Human Design System.

It was Love at first sight, and I mean it in a literal sense, when they put my Chart with its properties in front of me, the first place where my attention landed was on my Incarnation Cross: The Vessel of Love Cross. Some pieces were beginning to fall very decisively into place. I felt something new in my body; something new and also old and forgotten.

At that time I was totally identified and dedicated to my role as a mother and wife, sacrificing and striving to be what I thought was expected of me. Frustrated and depressed, I hated almost everything in my life. I had lost my natural joy and longed for the years of travelling and freedom. I craved change and more change. I could not escape my reality and I was facing a wall in utter darkness.

Human Design penetrated my cells and I began my experiment with great determination, I had to learn what waiting was, I needed to know how or what a sacral response was. I had understood that there was nothing I could do to make everything different. Step by step I learned to trust life, to enjoy waiting, I recognized my sacral responses, I began to honor them in each moment, in my own pace – through my trials and errors – and I found myself making very crucial and very big decisions by simply letting myself flow with whatever I found in my circumstance. Answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as determined by my inner authority.

Living MY DESIGN brought me back to life and love. It gave me back the sensations, the smile and the tears. It gave me back my body and my desire to enjoy it. Today I am satisfied. I am no longer a sacrificed mother, I am a mother in my own way. I am no longer a wife. I work in what I love, which is sharing my understanding with others. I am what I do. I am still learning.

How can I not want to share it? I have learned and every day I learn to live being who I am. I know the incalculable value that this has for anyone who allows themselves to experience it and I have acquired the knowledge to be able to offer myself today as a LIVING YOUR DESIGN GUIDE, HUMAN DESIGN TEACHER AND PROFESSIONAL ANALYST, with all my love.

I have had a colorful life – fitting for my Nodes – that has allowed me to acquire diverse skills and I am grateful for it, but only now I can say that I have found something I wish to dedicate myself to for the rest of my life; it is The Human Design System.

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