Knowing your human design is the first step to living it and living your design is the only way to find all that is right for you. Living your design is a journey of self-discovery, it reveals to you the nature in you that your consciousness cannot know on its own.The knowledge of your mechanics makes all the difference because it gives you an alternative way for making decisions.
The world goes on, things happen, nothing changes outside. It changes the way you experience it, how you experience it; it changes your perspective, you are radically transformed.






  • The human design was great for me! It gave me a lot of tools to make important decisions! Every time I have doubts I listen to the reading Nadia did for me and I discover something new that helps me and makes me think.... I highly recommend it! A beautiful experience for all of us who decide to know ourselves, change and live in our being.

    Lucía Tomás Argentina
  • Doing the "Live my Design” training with Nadia Soso, has determined a before and an after in the way I move in life, in the way I see it, feel it and love it for what it is. Living your design gives you a much broader vision of yourself. You learn keys that allow your mind to rest in the place where it belongs, so you can enjoy the journey of being yourself without constantly judging your experience, but loving every moment as unique.

    J. Pons España
  • For me it has been a hard but very satisfying awakening. I was looking for happiness; that thing that everyone says comes when you get a car, a house, a job, a partner. In my life I have been getting those things, but my prize "happiness" did not come. As the course was progressing, that search has moved to another level. Now I observe my environment and above all I observe myself and how I react to different situations (which have become more and more frequent since I started) and how my environment has reacted to my change. It is not an easy path and the changes give vertigo (it is like looking at a precipice), fears are triggered and nerves are at the surface, but when you start walking and you are living each step you take with guidelines that your body marks you, you feel an addictive satisfaction. You relax, you get excited and you stay in the here and now.

    Yolanda España
  • For me the reading together with the workshop on “Living your design" has been a before and after in my life. I still remember the first time I heard: you are a manifestor and you have to initiate but before that you have to inform, and I thought "what? how? what for?" I did not understand anything of what you were telling me, although I could identify my anger from the beginning and also my emotional authority... if I had been all my life controlling my emotions so as not to seem weak, how could I feel them? What a thing! To spend my whole life wanting to lead a life and to realize that, even if I had one, I was still not happy because I was still not listening to myself, not feeling, not letting my lone wolf spirit flow. I can only thank you Nadia for making me stop one day to become aware of my being, thank you for making me shed all the tears I shed every time I listened to my reading, for making me break inside, because no one can take my peace away from me anymore. Thank you because I started to feel, I wish someone at school had explained to me how an emotional wave works so I could find clarity! Thank you Nadia because I know there is still a lot of work to do but today I can say that I feel FREE.

    Encarna Santaella Esparell Emotional Manifestor - Mallorca
  • As soon as I had contact with Human Design, I looked for an analyst from the official school and life led me to Nadia Soso. First, I did the reading of my design with her. I was impressed, alarmed, happy! With Nadia I finally got to know myself! With all my colors, activations, "perfections and imperfections" that I had no longer recognized in myself. It was eye-opening! Next, I registered for the "Live Your Design" course with Nadia Soso. It was an incredible experience because it " dived" me even more into myself and I discovered that the movie I have come to live in this life was not the one I imagined. Neither better nor worse. Just, myself with my design, for better and for worse. Human Design is a beautiful instrument of self-knowledge, for you to become yourself. Thank you Nadia and Ra Uru Hu!

    Marlene Zanardo 50 years old, Brazil
  • From my experience, both in the reading of the Cross and in the Living your Design course, I am more than satisfied. It is a new awakening from another place, other sensations, another way of walking the path, another way of understanding myself and accepting what it is all about. Thank you Nadia for being so generous with "your way"! Thank you!

    GM Argentina
  • For many years I grew up with questions about myself to which I never got an answer. Why do I feel so disconnected from the world? Why can't I define myself professionally? Why am I always looking for something new to do? What is my place in the world? After Nadia read my design everything became absurdly clear. I had never heard something so deep and true about myself. After that impact of "knowing myself" as I was designed, I felt the need to continue knowing how I could put into practice everything that was told to me with such precision and clarity by Nadia Soso. The course “Living your Design" was fundamental in helping me to continue experimenting with my mechanics. Because that is what it is all about, there are no beliefs in the path of Human Development, so little guarantee of a wonderful life. But all this becomes irrelevant when you take possession of yourself. I walk, as never before.

    Luciana Aguilar 2/4 Emotional Manifesting Generator - Brazil
  • Doing the Living my Design workshop has provided me with a very useful tool to study and understand myself, this translated to the day to day life, facilitates my vital path.   I am really interested in continuing my studies with you to deepen my knowledge, because I consider your transmission to be excellent since the sensitivity and erudition in the subject make your classes a source of knowledge for the Self.

    Rosa Pujam Karoti Emotional Generator - Mallorca
  • Doing the course "Living your Design" with Nadia was a journey, in which I discovered wonderful things about my true self, as well as about life itself and its manifestations. Undoubtedly, the love that Nadia puts in each class, in each sentence, makes you stay super attentive and eager to learn during the 2 hours. She inspires you to live your own design, because she is the living proof of what that means: to inhabit this world from your truth and no one else's truth. Thank you Nadia for so much love in the form of a course. We will keep in touch. Big hug from Argentina

    Joaquín Alterman Splenic Projector - Argentina
  • The first thing that struck me when I got the reading of my chart was that I DID NOT RECOGNIZE THE PERSON SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT, which was supposed to be me. Nadia, when I told you this, you - very naturally and without hesitation - answered me: "it is that the NOT SELF is very powerful. I don't know why I swallowed it without complaining, something told me that you knew more than me about myself and also because I love fantastic stories.   The second priceless discovery was FINDING my SPLEEN as an Inner Authority: a many-sided and rewarding center if ever there was one, at least in my design.   Thank you forever for this gift of Human Design.

    F.B. Splenic Projector - Mallorca



Cartografía del Rave

Formación General en Diseño Humano

6 de septiembre @16:00 h GMT / Aula Virtual  – Online

En la Cartografía se agrega profundidad a ciertos enfoques que ya se han visto en los cursos anteriores y nuevos temas aún no aprendidos. Pero el trabajo más importante que hacemos es aprender a crear un holograma, es como si el mapa dibujado en un plano de repente se alzara y cobrara una forma y vida.


Vivir tu diseño integral (2 meses)

El experimento de tu vida

07 de septiembre @17:00 h GMT / Aula Virtual – Online

El más profundamente transformador y fundamental de los cursos de Diseño Humano.

8 sesiones en vivo en el aula virtual + seguimiento y acompañamiento diario y constante en foro exclusivo
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