Who am I? What we think we are does not give a real answer to this question. In our inner self we know that there is much about us that we do not know and we lose ourselves in the attempt to reaffirm our identity on a basis that lacks consistency. An identity that always depends on who we are with, when, where and even our attitudes and intentions.

The Human Design System is a body of knowledge that offers us a detailed and precise description of how we operate, how our mechanisms work. As a logical system, it facilitates the understanding of the complexity of the mechanics of the biological and cognitive functioning of the human being that reveals and describes in a fascinating way the DNA imprint of each one of us with more than millimetric precision and detail. Our genetic imprint is what makes us unique; it reveals what is consistent in us and also our potential for wisdom when properly managed.

Human Design gives us an alternative for decision making, a basis to experiment and test on. Once you know your design, you have a roadmap that serves as a parameter to see if it really works and you get to see it, you see it in your life and how your life changes based on the way you make your decisions: following the strategy of your type and honoring your inner authority.

The experiment requires determination and curiosity to see what happens if you start making decisions in a different way and in that initial choice you begin to educate your mind by allowing life to bring you what is right for you, what you are designed for.




The 9 centers are responsible for all the functions in a human being. There are 2 pressure centers (Head and Root), three centers of awareness (Spleen, Ajna and Solar Plexus), four motor centers (Root, Sacral, Heart and Solar Plexus), one center of identity (G Center) and one center of expression (Throat). In this order we will see below detailed in a general way their main characteristics and mechanics.

The Head Center

It is the center of inspiration for our thoughts. Its function is to put pressure on ourselves to think through questions regarding the past, the present and the future. Its biological correspondence is the Pineal Gland.

The Ajna Center

Mental awareness center that operates in all times. Its functions are conceptualization, rationalization and translation of thought into language. It measures, compares, formulates. Its biological correspondences are the Pituitary Gland and the Hypothalamus.

The Throat Center

Center of expression, manifestation and communication: word and action. Representation of the “I”. Materialization and metabolization (I metabolize the world and the world metabolizes me). Its biological correspondences are the Thyroid and Parathyroid glands.

The G Center

Center of Identity, Love and Direction of the Self. Through the magnetic principle we call Love, it aligns us in our geometry defining also our behavior and roles. Its biological correspondences are the Liver and the blood.

Ego Center

The Heart or Ego Center is the engine of willpower and courage. It controls and manages the material world to support its needs. Egoism. Its biological correspondences are the Stomach, Gall Bladder, Heart and Thymus Gland.

Sacral Center

It’s a motor that generates vital and reproductive energy that is available or unavailable. Power for sustained work. Sexual availability and fertility. Responsiveness (responsibility). Its biological correspondence is the Ovaries or Testes.

Root Center

It is the center of pressure on our body (action, movement) and engine of stress (adrenaline), as fuel for energy generation and consciousness. Its biological correspondence is the adrenal glands.

Solar Plexus Center

Motor center of Emotions, feelings, passion and sensitivity. It works on a wave of emotional energy and its potential of awareness is possible only through time. Its biological correspondences are the Kidneys and the Pancreas.

Spleen Center

It is the center of the body’s awareness and operates in the now; its functions are well-being, health, protection of the individual and life (survival). Its biological correspondences are the Lymphatic System and the Auto-immune System.


Type is a construct that synthesizes the physical and cognitive characteristics of each design in a mechanical formula, from which the strategy for the correct decision making of the individual is derived.

The Manifestor

If you are a Manifestor, your signature is Peace. Peace has a very good reputation among men of goodwill and has always been a desire of mankind. But what is the advantage of not having war in the world if you do not have peace? what is the advantage of sitting on the side of a mountain meditating in search of inner peace if all you do is accumulate anger until you can’t take it anymore? Peace has to do with the awareness that even though you are alone, you are not alone; that you can only be at peace if you inform those who are on your path, those around you, those involved, of what you are about to initiate. Peace has to do with not running over anyone, not being forced to stop, not being stopped, not even having to slow down or avoid anything or anyone. To inform is to clear the road to travel it at peace with your allies or without them.

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The Generator

If you are a Generator, your signature is Satisfaction. When a Generator waits to respond, they discover that the unfolding of their energy fills them with themselves and fills everything, no more complaints, no more regrets, no more frustrations growling in their guts. A Generator who initiates and seeks the things they believe they are lacking encounters resistance and their energy does not flow, then they feel enslaved and frustrated.

When a Generator operates in response to circumstances, people or events, what they do is to let their own energy give life and brightness penetrating to the last corner of their form, to the last cell. Satisfaction is a matter of the body when you build your relationships and your work from your spirit, a spirit that is empowered in response. We, the Generators, are here to work on what we love. We are the builders.

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The Projector

If you are a Projector, your signature is Success. Success in the world of Not-Self can be measured in a variety of ways, but it is always measured and quantified. In contrast, when a Projector is recognized and invited and accepts the invitation, success in the interaction cannot be measured; it has no measure. It is the success of recognizing oneself through the other. In the recognition that a Projector receives is implicit the invitation to see him or herself successfully initiating and guiding power and energy. There is nothing to do, just watch; wait and see. Knocking on closed doors, trying to force them can only be an exhausting, inefficient and bitter task, then, as you do not know who to condemn because you cannot see yourself, the fault lies with the other and his ignorance; you resent it. The right door for you opens when there is someone who sees you there, and opening it invites you to see that it is you who sees the totality of what you see, only then comes success: the success of your awareness.

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The Reflector

The Reflector has no definition in their design, i.e. they do not emit energy in a consistent way and are very open to the world around them. The Reflector is disappointed when they search and do not find something that works, someone different, someone who can transcend the norm. When the Reflector is truly open to life, to the world, to the constant changes in the environment, they find Surprise. The Reflector who is surprised at what they reflect from others and at what they see is literally a window to heaven. The Reflector’s strategy is to wait a full lunar cycle before making an important decision; these 28 days will give them the necessary range of samples to know all aspects of the situation. They have a resistant aura that protects their openness and that samples the environment and the people in it, so they can detect what is different, what makes a difference and what is more of the same. That is why the place where they are is key for them, because the people in the place have the energy that they will reflect.

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