NS. Human Design  – Nadia Soso Analista de Diseño Humano y Guía Vivir tu Diseño

NS. My education

In 2011 I met the Human Design System, from the first day I felt a fascination that I could never resist. I did -at the beginning- a maze-like path of trials with different teachers and professionals until I finally met the one who would be my teacher; him and Ra’s recordings. Since 2013 I have been studying and getting certified with Alokanand Diaz. Alokanand was a direct student of Ra Uru Hu, his translator and his partner. He is the one who has impacted my consciousness with unfathomable depth, an impact to which I responded to from my purest truth.

Since then, many opportunities to continue training within the official structure of the IHDS naturally presented themselves, but the one that marked the turning point was the one to which I responded in August 2015. Alokanand offered me the opportunity to be his translator for Spanish language and I was able to translate all the courses he gave in the following five years.

Throughout all these years my understanding of Human Design has been refined and deepened, not only as a consequence of the many hours I have dedicated to study it, but also -and more fundamentally- through the experimentation with what I have learned in my own life. Thus, the knowledge brought to my daily life – the knowledge of human nature through the filter that I embody – is anchored in my form and shapes me.

As a professional, today I see myself communicating in a simple and direct way, easy to understand, that contributes a depth of understanding that penetrates deep into the spirit of whoever listens to me at the moment and over time – in the echo and repetition of what I say.  And what I like most about my work and what happens in each reading, in each course, every time is that I find myself given the opportunity to see and discover myself and to feel how my whole being expands in love as I share my understanding.  As a pure Generator, what I do is what I am. Therefore, I love what I do. I love what I am.


Official Certification (IHDS)
“Living Your Design Guide”
with Alokanand Diaz
Ibiza, Spain. August 2015


Official Certification (IHDS)
“Rave ABC Rave Teacher”
with Alokanand Diaz
Ibiza, Spain. September 2018


Official Certification (IHDS)
“Rave Cartography Teacher”.
with Alokanand Diaz
Ibiza, Spain. May 2020



Official Certification (IHDS)
“Professional Human Design Analyst”
with Alokanand Diaz – Ibiza, Spain. August 2017

Individual Analysis

Incarnation Cross Analysis

Life Cycle Analysis

Partnership Analysis

Family Practice Analysis




_From the Right (Ra Uru Hu on video – Self-Study)
_From the Left (Ra Uru Hu on video – Self-Study)
_Awakening the Passenger Consciousness (Alokanand Diaz – Online)
_Certified Training: Child Development (Alokanand Diaz – Ibiza)
_The Homogenization of Purpose (Alokanand Díaz – Ibiza)
_The Cycles of Life (Alokanand Díaz – Ibiza)
_Certified training: BG5 Trimester 3 (Alokanand Diaz – Online)
_The Program is not your Life (Alokanand Díaz – Online)


_Living by your Own Authority (Alokanand Diaz – Online)
_Revisiting the Projector Type: The Life Force of Consciousness (Alokanand Diaz – Ibiza)
_BG5 Trimester 2 (Alokanand Diaz – Online)
_The Program Is Not Your Life (Alokanand Diaz – Online)


_The Rave Sociology and the Life Force: Light and shadow of the 36 channels (Alokanand Diaz – Online)
_BG5 Trimester 1 (Alokanand Diaz – Online)


_The Sociology of Rave and the I Ching of Rave (Alokanand Diaz – Ibiza)
_The 4 Approaches (Alokanand Díaz – Ibiza)
_The Mechanics of Sexuality and Money (Alokanand Díaz – Ibiza)


_Penta & WA Experience (Alokanand Díaz – Ibiza)
_The 4 Transformations (Alokanand Diaz – Ibiza)
_The 32 Nodal Polarities (Alokanand Díaz – Ibiza)
_The Art of Synthesis (Alokanand Díaz – Ibiza)
_The Program is NOT your Life (Alokanand Díaz – Online)
_The Mechanics of the Maya (Ra Uru Hu on video – Self-Study)
_Magic Island Retreat – Health and Sexuality in the 4 Types and the 12 Profiles (Ra _Uru Hu in audio – Self-Study)


__Keynoting (Alokanand Diaz – Ibiza)


_The 64 Gates Around the Mandala (Alokanand Díaz)
_The Mechanics of Sexuality (Alokanand Díaz)
_The Gates of Love (Alokanand Díaz)
_The Science of Differentiation (Alokanand Diaz)
_General Training: Rave Cartography (Alokanand Diaz)


_General Training: The Rave ABC (Alokanand Díaz del Río)


_Basic Training: Living Your Design (Sanatha Gimeno Aznar & Lita Casanovas)



_The Opening of Mating Season (Ra Uru Hu on video – Self-Study)
_Melancholy and Ignorance (Ra Uru Hu on video – Self-Studio)
_The 6 Fates (Ra Uru Hu on video – Auoestudio)
_Open Centers with no acivations (Ra Uru Hu on video – Self-Study)
_Sacral Conditioning (Ra Uru Hu on video – Self-Study)
_Frustration of Satisfaction (Ra Uru Hu on video – Self-Study)
_Rave New Year 2020 (Alokanand Diaz – Online)
_Motivation: the engine of personality (Alokanand Diaz – Online)


_The True I am (Ra Uru Hu on video – Self-Study)
_Rave New Year 2019 (Alokanand Diaz)
_The Solar Plexus: An Inner Transformation (Alokanand Diaz – Online)


_Rave New Year 2018 (Alokanand Díaz)
_Love and Codependency (Alokanand Diaz)
_Sex and the Generator (Ra Uru Hu in audio – Self Study)
_The Lines of Differentiation (Alokanand Díaz)
_The Illusion moves from the Base up (Alokanand Díaz)


_Raising Children (Ra Uru Hu on video – Self-Study)
_Split Definitions and Relationships (Ra Uru Hu on video – Self-Study)
_Open Centers without activations (Ra Uru Hu on video – Self-Study)
_Sacral Conditioning (Ra Uru Hu on video – Self Study)
_The Mutation of 2027 (Alokanand Diaz)
_Nurturing and Development of the 9-Center Child (Alokanand Diaz)


_Introduction to Composite Designs (Alokanand Diaz)
_Strategies of Non-Being (Alokanand Diaz):
_Not-Self Hierarchies.
_The Anatomy of Fear
_Mental Body and Motivations
_Monogamy, Polygamy and Sologamy (Alokanand Díaz)


_Human Identity and Group Mechanics (Alokanand Díaz)
_Introduction to Penta
_The WA


_Dilemma and Consciousness (Alokanand Díaz)
_The Unified Theory of Juxtaposition (Ra Uru Hu)
_The Nodes of the Moon (Alokanand Diaz)