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Categoría: Analysis & Readings

An online or face-to-face meeting (depending on the country where I am located).
Approximate duration: 90 minutes minimum

Material you will receive:

Audio recording
Video recording (virtual classroom)

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Understanding what happens in the interaction of the family group is very revealing. It is practical and very effective when it comes to managing family life and its difficulties. It is well known that the family is where we receive the deepest conditioning and where we learn and build our “I am”. But this identification is false and it is conditioned by very powerful forces.

On the one hand, and as a contribution to the awareness of the individual identity of the family members, we describe the place each one occupies in the family, his or her role and the inherent rules in each case.

On the other hand, we reveal where the dysfunctionalities lie and discover their logical solution, so that family life can be managed without guilt, with awareness and love.

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