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Categoría: Analysis & Readings

An online or face-to-face meeting (depending on the country where I am located).
Approximate duration: 90 minutes minimum

Material you will receive:

Audio recording
Video recording (virtual classroom)

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A composite design reading analyzes how the mechanics of two individuals in a relationship juxtapose, interact and connect. Thus, it can be analyzed in which areas the relationship is consistent and in which areas it is not, what are the affinities and where are the difficulties, in which aspects the two parties in the relationship have companionship, commitment, dominance and attraction (with its inseparable opposite pole, rejection).

Knowing the mechanics of a relationship brings enormous relief to human beings; it brings out all that cannot be changed, highlights all that we have to surrender to, all that we have to accept that happens to us with the other. This surrender makes the process itself easier, it relaxes us in who we are.

We then understand where is the potential to distort, how not to identify ourselves with the conditioning and what is our own role.

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