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Categoría: Analysis & Readings

An online or face-to-face meeting (depending on the country where I am located).
Approximate duration: 90 minutes minimum

Material you will receive:

Audio recording
Video recording (virtual classroom)

*Confirm your order and I will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a date and time for the meeting.


During the first half of its life, the 9-center being considers the past, “where I come from”, as a reference point for its consciousness. The world in which they were born, the one they saw as they grew up, is the point of reference every time they encounter something new.

However, once the mid-life stage is reached, the perspective of the 9-center being changes; they know where they are. With the maturity reached, they can face the road ahead, knowing that what they will find is the same as what they left behind, but that they can leave their mark on the world before they leave, without trying to change it.

The imprint that the program marks in this cycle determines how your consciousness will develop until the Return of Chiron (between 50 and 51 years of age). It is recommended that you receive it a few months before your Uranus Opposition.

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