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The Generator: A navel gazer

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The Generator Type is designed to know itself. It is not designed to know the other. It is not designed to know the group. Nor is it designed to impact – and know its impact – on others. He’s here for navel-gazing.

Isn’t that strange? It is rare to find generators who look inward with real curiosity to know what is going on there, who is in there and to see them with the fresh eyes of a child; without prejudices, without conditioning, without assumptions, without pretensions, without intentions, without attitudes.

The most common thing is to find generators who have their attention focused on others. They are worried about what others will think of them. Trying to choose how to invent themselves to have an impact on others, on how to sacrifice and strive for others so that others will hold them in high esteem and consideration.

But… no! no! The Generator is designed to see himself and to do so with a virgin and new look, with the look of one who has full confidence simply because they are alive and it is life that sustains them out fear they focus on that which they do not know (themselves) to see and only see… and a-lu-ci-nate with the great discovery: that it is you; the unknown, it is you!


When you are not afraid of yourself (or – what is the same thing – when you are not afraid of the unknown), then it is love. Then others become opportunities to get to know you in bonding and interaction, instead of being the source of all your frustrations, the culprits of your lack of life.

Ra Uru Hu left us with the questions that correspond to the mental dilemma of each of the types. So the mantra that every Generator would have to repeat constantly and tirelessly to keep their mind aligned with their form-to let their body move from their own inner authority-is “Who am I for myself?”

Rightly considered, any Generator who dedicates themselves to asking themselves “Who am I for myself?” continuously, will no longer have moments of boredom, because there is no end to knowing oneself. The Sacral is so abysmal that it cannot respond to conclusions, simply because it does not conclude. It grows and matures, but does not conclude. Mechanically, what the Sacral does is to repeat, reproduce, generate and regenerate (life!). When the Sacral stops, it rests; when it concludes, it dies.


“Who am I for myself?” is the password that opens the countless doors of conditioning that stand between your mind and the true treasure that lies within you. Who am I for myself?” is the mental dilemma of the Generator, through which the doors of self-discovery open one by one. The journey is long… but the brightness of your Self illuminates your steps and you go deeper and deeper inside. The rigid layers become enveloping vulnerability and you trust, for at the core of form is creation.

Each Sacral response brings a taste of you. Between waiting and responding, you become cocooned in yourself and you are surrounded by all that is natural to you, you get to know yourself. The waiting of the Generator is no longer an anxious waiting, looking for results and longing to reach conclusions so that you can hold on to them as if they were real (as if they were really something your hands could materially hold on to… funny, think about it!). You love the waiting because you are there; in the waiting you dedicate yourself to seeing you, to knowing you. You love your responses because you are there (you show up everywhere!). Your sacral responses find you to be attentive to them and available for whatever it is time to do. Your doing comes out of love and contentment. You move in and with the magnetic power and magic of being alive, of seeing yourself live and generate life.



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