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Living your design: The experiment of your life – Online

mayo 13 - julio 1

The Living Your Design Workshop -the most transformative and fundamental of the courses offered in Human Design- gives you the necessary equipment to challenge and educate your mind. We could say that it gives you your map, your compass, your detector of whatever it is that needs to be detected at any given moment, so you will have an alarm system for the Not-Self.

Within you, your truth has always been pulsating. It is your true nature, which is waiting for you to finally stop living with your back turned to it and to the potential of your uniqueness. Please, understand that your mind has always been trying to control you, manipulating you with its reasons and building a false identity based on fear. But who you truly are is there; waiting for you. Your mind will not stop trying to make decisions for you, unless you educate it and teach it to “see” instead of “choose”.

That is why of all the challenges that can be faced, Living your Design is the greatest, because it challenges your own mind. It is a process whose consistency can only be seen in time, in experimenting with your strategy and your authority, paying attention to the ongoing mental dialogues, recognizing the strategies of the Not-Self present in each of them and learning to deal with them in a creative and organic way.

Your mind can only calm down and learn that there is intelligence within you to trust (beyond it) when you have true awareness of who you are – of your mechanics – and consistency in the way you make decisions according to your nature. THAT is loving yourself.

Human Design is not a belief system, not a dogma. Human Design is a logical system and the truth it contains can only be seen by you, within you, from your own perspective and in your own life.

You are the master, you are the disciple.

Generators, here’s a question: Is it right for you to attend this Living Your Design Workshop?

Projector: I invite you to attend this workshop where you will be able to recognize what your specialty is.

Reflectors: A timely 8 weeks of experimentation! 2 full lunar cycles to experience (x2) the cycle of your strategy by observing the mechanics from its/your own perspective.

Manifestors; well, no furhter comments to add. You are informed.

The course extends for 2 months, giving us the wonderful opportunity to deepen and give consistency to the understanding and integration over time of all the concepts that we will be dealing with in each of the 8 sessions that compose it. We will interact daily in the forum, sharing experiences, resolving doubts, attending to the needs of each student as their transformation process mobilizes.

We will meet once a week in the virtual classroom. Each meeting has a minimum duration of 90 minutes, and we will also maintain daily communication through the exclusive interactive forum for students that I will enable only for the participants of this course.

This course is an interactive workshop; I mean that -throughout its development- you will be free to share (or not) with the group and with me your feelings, your doubts, your experiences and -above all- your questions. At the beginning of each session there will be a time slot for this purpose.



1. Introduction to the HDS*.
2. The 9 Centers*
3. The 4 Types* (Strategy and Mental Dilemma)

*By clicking on the links you will be able to access introductory information on the topics covered in depth in the workshop.


1. Type (Strategy, Mental dilemma)
2. Profile
3. Definition (Type of Definition)
4. Inner Authority


Starting May, 13th 2022

How much does it cost?

The regular price of the course is 300 €*.

*30% discount for those who have already taken the course with another certified professional. Contact me to request your discount coupon.

*70% discount for those who have already taken the course with me. Contact me to request your discount coupon.

*Early Bird discount: 270€ until April 15th.

Where & How?

Live, in the NS Human Design virtual classroom. Once you have successfully registered you will receive an email with instructions on how to enter the virtual classroom. You will see that it is very easy, just follow the steps.

During the 8 weeks of the course we will have:

_8 live meetings in the virtual classroom.
_Daily follow-up forum where we interact with each other sharing experiences, questions, answers, comments, jokes, photos and much more.

Once we have finished:

Access to the exclusive whatsapp Group “HD Support Group” where my students and I meet and follow up during the whole process of experimenting with your design.

What material will I receive?

At the end of the sessions I will send you the audio and video recordings and the corresponding illustrations in pdf. This way you will be able to listen to them as many times as necessary, thus deepening your understanding.